Ritcheson, Lauffer & Vincent, P. C., was formed in 2005 by experienced and well-established East Texas attorneys.
Its mission is to provide excellent, prompt and dedicated legal services to its clients who include:

-insurance companies in litigation,

-small businesses,

-parties to disputes over intellectual property rights,

-local governmental entities in litigation,

-financial institutions,

-creditors and business debtors in bankruptcy, and

-individuals and businesses with other commercial or personal interests.

Ritcheson, Lauffer & Vincent, P. C., understands the lawyer’s obligation to provide quality services, the value of knowing a client’s interests and objectives, and the advantages of diligence and innovation.  “The conduct of a lawyer should be characterized at all times by honesty, candor, and fairness.”  This is more than the opening refrain of the Texas Lawyer’s Creed – it is a mandate for the lawyer/client relationship.  It is this firm’s commitment.

Ritcheson, Lauffer & Vincent, P. C.’s lawyers specialize in several areas of law but work together for the benefit of clients.  Members of the firm draw on each other’s experience and expertise. This coordinated effort creates a competitive edge and allows the firm’s clients to find help for many needs in one law firm. We know you have many options when it comes to choosing a law firm to handle your legal needs.  Our firm prides itself on i) establishing and maintaining client relationships based on trust, ii) developing an understanding of your  business and individual interests, and iii) helping you accomplish your objectives.  We listen to you and practice law the right way – zealously representing your interests and achieving the best possible outcome for clients in a cost effective manner.