Welcome to Ritcheson, Lauffer & Vincent, P. C.

Ritcheson, Lauffer & Vincent, P. C., was formed in 2005 by experienced and well-established East Texas attorneys.
Its mission is to provide excellent, prompt and dedicated legal services to its clients who include:

-insurance companies in litigation,

-small businesses,

-parties to disputes over intellectual property rights,

-local governmental entities in litigation,

-financial institutions,

-creditors and business debtors in bankruptcy, and

-individuals and businesses with other commercial or personal interests.

Ritcheson, Lauffer & Vincent, P. C., understands the lawyer’s obligation to provide quality services, the value of knowing a client’s interests and objectives, and the advantages of diligence and innovation.  “The conduct of a lawyer should be characterized at all times by honesty, candor, and fairness.”  This is more than the opening refrain of the Texas Lawyer’s Creed – it is a mandate for the lawyer/client relationship.  It is this firm’s commitment.

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